I just commented on a bunch of blogs for the first time in a LONG time–Waylon is napping in the swing, and I should be napping too, but instead I’m taking advantage of this time to do some two-handed typing and watch a movie with GB.

(Yeah, I should be writing my teaching philosophy or drafting cover letters or something…Ugh. I’ll get to it.)

Ooh, speaking of movies, we watched Shine A Light last night, and totally dug it. (But I love Scorsese rockumentaries (yes, I said it) in general.) Yeah. It made me about as happy as that goddamn other movie pissed me off.

Big stress of the day: Waylon gets his 2 month vaccinations tomorrow. I have been stressing out about this for weeks now, and I’m so stressed about them that my stomach’s all in knots. I’ve done a *ton* of research on vaccines, and the short-term and long-term effects (at least as much as we know…and damn, there’s a lot of propaganda on this topic out there). Anyway. I feel like I’m making an informed decision going into this, but I’m still not happy about it. I’m hoping Waylon doesn’t feel too crappy tomorrow. And I’m hoping I don’t cry too much.

the quintessential Waylon look

the quintessential Waylon look