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Two years ago today, GB and surprised pretty much everyone we know by getting married For Real, 10 years to the day after we met.*

We met in what may well be the diviest bar in San Francisco–and yes, that’s saying a lot. I ended up bartending there a couple years later–and oh, do I have stories from that time. But when GB and i met, I wasn’t working there yet–just frequenting it all too often. We had a mutual friend who was bartending there–I knew her from my other regular bar, and GB had a class with her (he was finishing up his BA). The night we met was a full moon, and it was huge and low in the sky–I made our friend M., the bartender, come outside with me to see it. It was spectacular. Then I went in and sat at the end of the bar, and M. said, “This is my school friend GB,” and we spent the next few hours rolling cigarettes and smoking way too many of them, drinking ridiculously strong vodka drinks, and talking about Bob Dylan. I told him I had the biggest Dylan bootleg collection he would probably ever see, and he took my phone number so that I could prove it. He came over to my apartment a few days later to listen to Dylan bootlegs on vinyl and drink vodka and pineapple juice with me and the Yogini.

And the rest, as they say, is the kind of history we probably won’t tell the kids all about.

Ten years later, we gathered around 30 of our nearest and dearest (including a handful of extraordinary friends who traveled across the whole freaking country for us) in a campground, started up “New Morning” on a portable CD player, and got Skycat to officially marry the hell outta us.

It was an amazing day. It’s been an amazing journey. We’ve had an open relationship pretty much since day 1. We’ve driven across the US twice and up and down it four or five times. We’ve lived with five awesome cats. We’ve drank boatloads of booze, consumed excessive quantities of illegal substances, made utterly fabulous friends, and listened to amazing music together. And we’ve started this terrifying and thrilling baby-making adventure together.

And after all these years and all this stuff, I feel like the luckiest person in the world when I look at GB’s face every morning.

We rock. Happy anniversary to us.

*I say this, but it’s not strictly true–technically, we met on May 3rd, and got married on May 6th ten years later. We tried to get married on the 3rd, but it was a Wednesday and not so convenient. But I usually stick with the story that we got married on our 10th anniversary together.


= one awesome afternoon.

I just got back from lunch with Kermit! kermit & luckybuzz (& H)

(I probably don’t have to tell you that she’s the tall one on the left, and I’m the Giant Belly on the right.)

I am pleased to report that Kermit is even cuter in real life than she sounds on her blog.

We went to my favorite pho restaurant, and had what I would consider a wonderful lunch (though, Kermit, feel free to disagree). The pho was awesome, the spring rolls were yummy, the Thai iced tea had whipped cream, and we had virtually none of the awkward conversational pauses to which I am prone with new people. Good conversation, good weather, good food….yep. That was a damn fine blogger meetup. And best of all, I did *not* go into labor during our lunch. So yay for that.

I think I’ve mentioned before (once or twice) that GB and I have the Best. Friends. Ever.

Seriously. In Homestate, in East Coast City, in San Francisco, and the random rogue people scattered around the country…I can’t believe how much they rock. I can’t believe how incredibly cool and generous and kind and freaking hilarious all of my friends are.

We went to San Francisco this weekend for a baby shower. About 10 of our SF people contributed to buy our plane tickets to fly us up. It was absolutely freaking awesome. They totally decorated for the shower–“It’s a Boy” banners alongside pink bootie decorations on the table, tons of food, homemade cupcakes (I ate four, over the weekend. Four!), easter eggs that held little bottles of booze and vicodin pills (the pregnant lady’s egg just had a Butterfinger chocolate egg, either sadly or fortunately, depending on your perspective), games of trivia about friends, a peep decorating contest (with prizes for the fiercest peep and the biggest “hot tranny mess”) and a few rounds of “I Never.” Maybe I can say it better with pictures…

Julie McCoy picked us up at the airport, and we went directly here, for the subs I dream about:

Then we went to M. & D.’s for the party and more human contact (for me) in 24 hours than I usually get in a month. There were…maybe 15 people at the party? I can’t find bloggable photos of the whole scene so much, but Hank got some absolutely awesome gifts, including this t-shirt (which, if you know the SF people, is even more perfect than it seems):

Prizes for the games were in keeping with the drunk/easter/GB & LB’s baby shower theme:

Sunday afternoon,  we went this gigantic easter party in the park. This is definitely a quintessentially SF experience:

Our friend’s band played (to what–I believe–may have been their biggest crowd ever; dudes, there were thousands (and thousands) of people in that park), and dedicated a song to H.  How cool is that?

Anyway. It was amazing. Our friends seriously rock.

And it cemented our decision to move back. So, after GB gets Bar results back (in May), I think he’ll start the job search in the Bay Area. We can’t move until our lease is up at the end of September, but if we can find him a job there? I think it’s going to happen. Fingers crossed that we can raise H. in the right part of California!

(I still feel like crap and the day hasn’t improved, but I hate leaving the whiny post at the top.)

Something that I’ve failed to mention lately is just how amazingly awesome my friends are.

Last week, my sisters threw me a virtual baby shower. (My older sister was out here visiting, and my younger sister was back in Homestate, but they both technically “hosted.”) Older Sister was the only other person (besides me) actually in the room, but we had an amazing cyberspace turnout. They’d set up a chatroom, and we uploaded photos to another website, and dudes, people hung out in my bizarre virtual cybershower chatroom space for *two hours*. I had a fabulous time, laughed a lot, and ate way too many cupcakes with Older Sister. And we got an enormous amount of fabulous, generous gifts for H. (which are still rolling in, in the mail–the UPS guy and I have become quite friendly).  In fact, here is the Pile o’ Gifts Table (I’m leaving them out until GB’s had a chance to look through them, since he was off taking the Bar exam during the shower):

Seriously. How amazingly awesome are my friends? So awesome.  I feel incredibly lucky (despite my general bad attitude). My virtual shower rocked.

Proof that GB and I are blessed with the Best. Friends. Ever:

We have (free!) tickets to San Francisco in March!

*I’m including all my friends, in all the various places around the country, in the Best Ever group. It continually amazes me that GB and I have somehow found the most extraordinary people imaginable in every place we’ve lived. We are some lucky fuckers.

Last weekend rocked. We have this one friend here–I think I’ve mentioned before that one of our SF friends, TJ, lives in our town (which we discovered after moving here–pretty cool). She’s been busy and away a lot, but last weekend was her birthday. Another one of our awesome SF friends–I’ll call her Julie McCoy, a pseudonym she’s taken on herself–came down to cook a huge, awesome birthday dinner for TJ and her girlfriend, the Badass Brazilian.

So we had a weekend full of Real Live Local Friends. And it was awesome. I can’t believe how isolated I’ve felt here, and getting to spend Two! Nights! In! A! Row! with friends, having dinner, drinking (well, watching them drink, but that’s still entertaining enough for now), talking, and laughing–a lot–was so freaking awesome. Dinner was amazing–Julie McCoy, in addition to her social-organizing skillz, makes a mean risotto–and the company? Unbeatable.

(On Sunday and Monday we went up to GB’s parents’ to celebrate their birthdays, too–yes, I collect Capricorns in my life–and that was a whirlwind trip, but super fun, too.)

And now? I just got a call from *another* SF friend, who I love dearly and haven’t talked to since September, telling me that he and his boyfriend will be here this weekend! It’ll probably be a quick visit, but I think we’ll get dinner with them on Saturday.

Dudes! TWO WEEKENDS of friends in a row! (And then my mom gets here a week from today!) I could seriously get used to having Real Live Friends again. That move back up to SF is looking mighty good to me….

It occurred to me the other day that we haven’t gone to see a live band in…damn. Too long. And that, unlike other things that can’t be helped (*cough*martini*cough*), we can actually do something about that. And that despite my reservations about this area, there’s a LOT of music to be seen.

So I looked around, and then I went OMGPONIES!!!!! because I had no idea that the Avett Brothers were playing around here, and then I recovered and bought tickets. So whoohooo! We have tickets to see them in March! (When I will hopefully not be so huge and cranky that I don’t want to go…right now I’m psyched about it, anyway, and it’ll be H’s first in utero concert.)

GB put the song “Living of Love” on my Sappy Birthday Mix (hee–he didn’t actually call it that, but I just realized that’s kind of perfect)–first song, actually–and I get it stuck in my head all the time. (You can listen to it at that link, too.) “Shame” was the first song of theirs I heard, awhile back…it still reminds me a lot of my last few months on the East Coast. Good stuff.

Anyway. I’m psyched to do something non-baby-obsessive, with other Real People. I might even try to get GB drunk, just for the contact buzz (well, and the taking-advantage benefits).

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