The blogger meetup today was just off-the-charts awesome. You know it’s working out when you all sit there after the food is done, the dishes are cleared, the drinks are empty, and the tip has been calculated (thanks to someone’s cool gadgets, if not to our over-educated brains), just kind of basking in the bloggery goodness of the meetup. And I got to meet one of my supercool blog-crushes, and she totally didn’t even laugh at me. Neat!)bloggers.jpg


Hey y’all–I’m off for more fieldwork. I leave at an obscenely early hour (6:30am takeoff. WTF??? I will be bringing my pilot a giant latte, because who can drive at that hour?), and I’m back to the Actual Field Fieldwork. Yes, I said I wouldn’t do this again. But this is the last time, I think, and I think it’ll be helpful….yeah. That’s what I’m telling myself. Wish me luck.

Anyway–I’ll try to catch up with y’all on Monday when I’m back. Have good weekends and try not to do too many exciting and bloggable things. Thanks.

It’s Canada’s birthday! Go give her some birthday love. Right now. I’ll wait.

*tap tap tap*

Okay. Also, Norm has a blog! You know Norm, right? Norm is CRSE’s five-year-old wonderchild, and the boy responsible for what is possibly my favorite sentence ever:

“I don’t need to go to kindergarten. I already know how to dance.”

Go give Norm some love, too. And while you’re there, ask him a question…I have a feeling that “Ask Norm” is going to be the new belle of the internets. Mark my words.

Also, in more blog-related semi-news, Gospel Bob will be moving his blog over to WordPress soon. Apologies to anyone who’s having the pain-in-the-ass log-in issues over there. He doesn’t really read blogs (as y’all know…he’s a very sporadic visitor to Bloglandia), and he wasn’t aware of the New Blogger Debacle. I’ve informed him. We’ll see how that goes.

And while I’m on the subject of blogging and bloggers, don’t you guys think that IB/DM and Tequila Fog should blog more often? Or ever? I totally do, too. Feel free to go tell them that.

Here endeth today’s PSAs. Go wish Canada a happy birthday again.

No, this time I’m actually not talking about new BPAL converts, though that’s exciting too (what is it about this particular obsession that makes me want to drag people into it with me?). This time I’m talking about something the blogosphere desperately needs: A Shot in the Arm . Go give Gretty some love, willya?

Not to gloat, but….Guess what I did today that none of y’all got to do?

I got to have lunch, drinks, ice cream, and a long walk around a “quaint” little town (okay, we were lost) with Canada!

(Okay, that was really gloaty, and I’m sorry, but I had a REALLY GOOD TIME and I’m feeling kind of gloaty about it. Sorry. Maybe you can meet Canada someday….and if you can, you should.)

It included everything a blogger meetup should: beer, Thai food with the *entire* restaurant to ourselves, Ben & Jerry’s, photo and story-swapping, and BPAL sniffing and enabling. Here’s the bloggable photo:

And here is the super-special dorktacular photo of me not being able to control my camera and having it wildly misfire into the parking lot as I try to take an unbloggable photo of us. I think I may have possibly revealed a smidgen of my dorkiness to Canada, who is so awesomely friendly that she pretended to be dorky just to make me feel better. Thanks, Canada (but I saw right through that act–I think I’m much dorkier).

I freaking love blogger meetups!

I’m leaving in a few minutes to drive to the super-secret meeting place for a super-fabulous blogger meetup! The requisite anonymized drink photos will follow later today, I’m sure….Now I just have to figure out what to wear!

To the person who found this blog by googling “retro threesome sex”: you’re in the right place. Things have just been slow around here lately.

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