= one awesome afternoon.

I just got back from lunch with Kermit! kermit & luckybuzz (& H)

(I probably don’t have to tell you that she’s the tall one on the left, and I’m the Giant Belly on the right.)

I am pleased to report that Kermit is even cuter in real life than she sounds on her blog.

We went to my favorite pho restaurant, and had what I would consider a wonderful lunch (though, Kermit, feel free to disagree). The pho was awesome, the spring rolls were yummy, the Thai iced tea had whipped cream, and we had virtually none of the awkward conversational pauses to which I am prone with new people. Good conversation, good weather, good food….yep. That was a damn fine blogger meetup. And best of all, I did *not* go into labor during our lunch. So yay for that.


I noticed that Jane did the year-in-review meme, and I remembered that I did it last year, so I thought, what the hell, maybe I’ll try it again.

The deal, as I understood it last year:

1) Harken back to your archives.
2) Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year.
3) Entertain us.

January: Yes, it’s what I expected, but still…I kind of thought my social ineptitude score might be a little lower.

February: A meme, of course.

March: I’ve been threatening to do this for awhile, but I think it’s finally time. (That would be switching to WordPress.)

April: Shrinky wants to see pictures of people’s desktops, and that happens to be something I particularly like seeing, too…I love that little glimpse into people’s everyday worlds.

May: I. Hate. Fieldnotes.

June: days until we move: 38

July: As seen absolutely everywhere. I thought this was especially funny: “No-one actually knows the REAL you, do they?”

August: We’re still in Hometown State, which is about a quarter of the way to California.

September: Because I like westerns, too.)

October: CRSE tagged me–well, not just me, and if you’re on her blogroll you’re tagged too–for a desktop meme.

November: What I really, really want for dinner: mashed potatoes, onion rings, PopTarts.

December: Is it just me, or is eating at Subway just a little too close to actually having to make your own sandwich?

You know what? I don’t think that was at all representative of my year. Weird, because last year’s seemed pretty right. I think, since I have those archives open, I’m going to try something different: the blog-post title for each month that’s most representative. (Because, yeah, I am clearly done working for the day.)

January: Return of the Dangerous Mood
February: Well, maybe I’m a *little* anxious

March: Ow, my head. Here’s a meme.

April: Wooing is exhausting.

May: Dude, I married a lawyer.

June: I am totally easy.

July: fuck. (first line: I’m not ready to leave here.)

August: Why GB is such a freaking rockstar

September: home sweet home.

October: I need closer friends. Who can cook. (Tied with “We have a Buzzlet!“)

November: Whiskeytown makes me cry lately.

December: I’m inclined to say it’s “good enough”

Yeah, that was a little better. Time consuming, but better.
(Stay tuned: I’m pretty sure I’m going to revisit the giant-ass New Year’s Meme very soon…)

So, I’ve added some new blogfriends to the Blogroll over there (dudes, Delurking Day was so awesome this year!)–you should be reading them, if you’re not already.

Also, if you’re not on my blogroll and you’d like to be (or if you’d like to be taken off…I’ll be kind of weirded out by that, but it’ll be okay), let me know!

In other news: OMFG. I am starving again. How is this even possible? Where is all this food going? The embryo is, like, the size of a lentil right now.  What could it possibly be doing with all this turkey bacon and rice pudding?)

Gospel Bob has decided to grace the blogworld again…DAYS in a row, now! Go give him some love, willya?

The adorable and brilliant Lina has tagged me with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award! While I am absolutely positive that I don’t deserve this, I am not exactly about to turn down my First Award EVER, and I am absurdly flattered. While my low self-esteem modesty is nudging me to leave this part out, I will let my giant ego win out and tell you what Lina said about me:

Luckybuzz – Buzz doesn’t blog enough and barely deserves this. But I totally heart Buzz, and really, truly want to be like her when I grow up! She IS a rock queen, is she not? Absolute rock chick, so open and so damn nice. I totally heart Buzz.

Awwwww. I am blushing madly right now.

So, the best part is that now I get to tag five other bloggers with this award! Seriously, who picked five? That is not nearly enough. Okay, I’ll give it a shot (the order of these in no way indicates my level of love/admiration/crushed-outness) (and I’m assuming that I can’t pick people already on Lina’s list or Lina herself–I’m just sayin’):

  1. CRSE: Well, of course. CRSE rocks in so many ways that I can’t even begin to list them. She is absolutely brilliant, insightful, empathetic, freaking hilarious, and my role model. And she has amazing hair. Sigh. I love me some CRSE.
  2. Gretty: Gret is about to become my new BFF, and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it. I get a little giddy whenever she posts to her blog–I totally have a new-friend-crush on her. She is wickedly funny, amazingly compassionate, and I really hope she likes me too. 🙂
  3. Trixie: Oh, please, like I was going to leave Trix off this list. I mean, just look at her! I am secretly worried that Trix might be too cool to actually be my friend, but so far I think I’m managing to act cool enough to fool her. She’s super-sharp, she makes me laugh out loud, she’s incredibly hot, and I think I might have both a blogcrush and a real-life crush on her. I mean, how could you NOT?
  4. Margie: I think Margie is the blogger this award was made for. She’s a Guinness-drinking, dart-throwing, Buffy-watching, non-smoking rockstar. She’s GB’s dream woman, and I can really only agree with him on that. I look forward all year to our annual drinking binges conference get-togethers, and I hope–often–that we’ll live closer to each other someday.
  5. Lucy: Lucy is so busy being a rockin’ blogger that she doesn’t even notice what a rockin’ blogger she is. She writes one of the most honest, introspective, and insightful blogs I read. She’s sweet, funny, scary-smart, adorable, and probably wishing right now that I would stop saying these things about her. But I can’t help it! Lucy rocks!
  6. Weezy: Seriously, who *doesn’t* want to get drunk with Weezy? When she’s not filling water bottles with vodka for a cruise or hopping off to Atlantic City, she’s writing one of the most entertaining blogs I read (though not NEARLY often enough lately. Weezy! Write more blog!).
  7. Canada: I remain sad that I didn’t get a chance to get drunk with Canada, because I cannot even imagine how much freaking fun that would be. She shares my love of relationship drama (and extra-relationship drama), has adorable children, and has great taste in BPAL.

Yes, that’s 7 people. What can you do…these things are not really under my control. I actually DID exercise self-restraint on this…there are at least four more bloggers I wanted to include, so really, I think I did okay.

ETA: I know, I cheated. I’m a tiny bit remorseful. But really, I *did* leave off people I wanted to pick, and I just could not narrow these 7 down…So yeah, I cheated, but in a good way, right?

Lina has a post up right now about her 2-year blogiversary (go wish her a happy one, I’ll wait). I thought, hmm, I think I started blogging in July too…wonder when *my* blogiversary is? So I went to my archives to check and, um…

It’s today.


Two years ago, I thought this might be a fun way to keep in touch with a couple friends and maybe think through dissertation/relationship/random life crap. I had absolutely no idea then that, two years later, these things would be true:

  • I regularly start sentences with “So this blogfriend of mine said…”
  • I have met five of these blogfriends (“strangers,” in the technical sense of the word) and had fabulously fun times with all of them
  • A couple blogfriends have become Myspace and Facebook friends, too (for what it’s worth…I still don’t really get the whole myspace/facebook thing)
  • I’ve continued hanging out with several of my blogger meetup friends, thus successfully converting blogfriends into Real Life Friends (this one is really cool, I think)
  • I have a mental list of about seven more bloggers who I am *dying* to meet
  • I have a mental list of about the same size of bloggers I am dying to get drunk and/or make out with
  • I have told both my sisters about this blog (though I’m pretty sure neither of them read it…but hey, sisters, if you do!)
  • I miss y’all when I don’t blog much (like lately)

Yeah. So. Thanks to all my blogfriends, commenters, and lurkers (do I have lurkers?) for making it a fun two years and for continuing to hang out here even when I’m just all whiny ‘n shit.

Here’s to Year 3 of Polyopia bringing more booze-soaked kissing romps (or more news on the New Plan, which will curtail the booze-soaked part of that for a while), less moving/money angst, and the introduction of Dr. Luckybuzz. *fingers crossed*

Just reading blogs through my hangover-stupor this morning (seriously, I cannot do hangovers like I used to, and I’m seriously thinking about just not putting myself in hangover-inducing-situations anymore), and randomly wondering: what kinds of things are in your “unbloggable” category? You know–things you might allude to on your blog, but for whatever reason you feel like the blog is off-limits for discussing it?

I think I have a few things that fit in that category:

  • Things that are susceptible to the jinx-factor–i.e., things I want to happen, but worry that blogging (or talking) about them will jinx them. In this case, I’m generally not blogging or discussing in Real Life (or only with certain people).
  • specifics about my work/school, obviously, but also specifics about my relationships with my committee–I allude to difficulties and things, but I do worry that if one of them were to discover this space, they would recognize our conversations and interactions.

Hmm….can’t think of other kinds of unbloggables. You?

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