Yeah, so, I’ve all but abandoned this blog. It’s sad, kind of, because I love having this space and because it really, really reminds me of a time in my life that I miss terribly–the drinking, rock n’ roll bumper pool playing, kissing, hazy awesome years in East Coast City. Sigh. But life is good now too, and Facebook is working for the immediate stuff. Still….yeah, maybe I won’t abandon this space altogether. We’ll see.

A couple brief updates, since I’ve been getting comments on old posts:

  • Waylon is the Best. Thing. Ever. I can’t even tell you. He amazes and delights me every single day.
  • Internet Job ended with them owing me almost $6000 that I will (probably) never see. Argh. Enough about that.
  • The Advisor’s comments that implied some minor revisions of the first draft of the dissertation were…misleading. I ended up basically rewriting the entire thing. Literally: I sat down with a blank document and retyped/rewrote the whole damn thing. The second version was much, much easier, though.

And the big big news:

  • I have a defense date: October 2, less than three weeks from now. Yikes! And hooray! Should go prepare…something. Hmm.