because i have a sleeping baby on my lap who’s recovering from his very first cold and a super long weekend in Conference City…

  • Interviews: hard to say. Two went really well, I think. One was not bad, not great. One was pretty bad (I mean, really–I couldn’t answer easy questions, though I later–after the interview–realized what they were trying to ask me; I spaced out; I stammered. It wasn’t pretty), but we all had a pretty good time and the senior scholar in the department seemed to like me (well, he *winked* at me, which I think is good…). Whatever. And one was so stunningly bad that I just might blog about it someday.
  • Still: two of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they translate into campus interviews. So we’ll see.
  • Good weekend, overall, though tiring.
  • My absentee ballot was hijacked. Never got it in the mail, never got the replacement I requested. Checked my status online yesterday. It says my ballot was received on Oct 26 and challenged. I never saw the ballot.
  • I am extremely unhappy about this. Have reported it to CNN and other voter hotlines.
  • OMG, polls, close already, i cannot stand the suspense…