October 2008

  • Sent off 10 job applications.
  • Have 3 interviews (so far?) scheduled at Big Damn Conference…and two of them are the jobs here in Homestate! Whoohooo!
  • Now I’m nervous, of course…because, damn, either of these 2 jobs would be just freaking awesome. Must prepare. Must…find…time…to…prepare…….ACK!
  • We’re at my mom’s/sister’s (no, they’re not the same person…don’t make me make the joke about Bordering State) in Capital City. We head up to Hometown tomorrow to check out apartments and see, well, everyone. Yippee!
  • But, crap, dudes…I need to get ready for these interviews (which are next weekend)….ack ack ack!

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Edited, because I’m just annoyed by the whole thing now.

Your result for The Feminism Test…


You scored 100% Gender-Abolitionist, 100% Sexually Liberal, and 40 % Socialist

Gretty tagged me to do the list of 10 things that have made me smile lately, and Waylon is sleeping right now so I have two typing hands, so here goes:

  1. Ben & Jerry’s Peach Cobbler ice cream. I’ve blogged about it before, but it still rocks–GB just bought some yesterday.
  2. Lots of blogfriends took me up on being Facebook friends. So neat to see people’s real identities.
  3. Moving back to Hometown seems like a really good decision. I am so excited to be back with my oldest peeps.
  4. Talking to both of my sisters a lot more on the phone. They both make me laugh, and I feel lucky to have sisters who also feel like friends (and if you’ve known me for a while, you know how amazing this is…CRSE, I’m talking to you).
  5. I sent off 10 job applications. I’m not especially counting on any of them, but I’m glad to have gotten them out.
  6. Mornings, lately. Waylon usually sleeps the last 2 hours of the morning in his swing–I put him in there soon after the sun comes up, because he’s restless in bed when the sun is up (but not restless in his swing then, weirdly). I love picking him up from the swing when he wakes up–I love his morning smiles and sleepy yawns. I make coffee, sit at the computer and nurse him and soak up those smiles while I do a quick check of news and blogs…then GB gets up and brings me coffee with my cinnamon vanilla creamer and I pretty much feel like the luckiest person in the world.
  7. Lots of good TV. New seasons of Dexter and Californication, and digging True Blood. And Stewart and Colbert are kicking ass on the election.
  8. Learning that my diehard-Republican, 80 year old retired Economics professor father is voting for Obama.
  9. Waylon’s hair is starting to curl in the back, where it’s longest.

Wow, three Waylon pictures in one post…I’ve officially turned into That Blogger. Didn’t see that coming. But seriously, if I can be this happy about moving back to Hometown, really anything is possible…

Okay, so clearly I’ve lost the time and the will to blog. I’ve been updating my status on Facebook–that’s about as close to blogging as I can get these days.*

And now Waylon is waking up from a nap, so this has to be quick…

We’re not moving to SF.

We’re not moving to East Coast City.

We’re moving to HomeState, to my old Hometown.

Yes, we are. You heard me.


Because we can rent a LOT more house for about a quarter of what we’re used to paying. Because we can live this year on my fellowship, and GB doesn’t need to work (or can pick up contract jobs in one of the nearby Big Cities). Which means GB can spend this year taking care of Waylon full-time, and I can write and not have to try to find a way to finish my diss with Waylon on my lap, and we both get to spend this amazing, unrepeatable first year of Waylon’s life with him.

And honestly, that sounds like heaven. And I don’t care what city I’m in while we do that. And Hometown has some of my oldest and closest friends, and lots of other little ones in the mix, and my mom and sister and nephew less than three hours away. And Skycat and the Yogini are there, and they’re Waylon’s godparents, and I want them to spend this year with him, too. And all the Hometown women–Waylon will get a year of both parents, grandma, and lots and lots of aunts and uncles.

We can’t believe how much our ideas of what will make us happy have changed.

It feels like a good move.

Gratuitous baby picture (this is what he wore to the wedding in SF last weekend…will he hate us or love us for this in 20 years?):

*If you’re on Facebook and haven’t friended me already, feel free….you can email me at polyopia.blog at gmail if you’re a blogfriend of mine and want to be a Facebook friend but don’t know my real name.