So, a new job opening was just posted on my professional organization’s website.

It’s in my sub-field.

It’s at a state university, which I prefer to the SLACs I’ve been applying to (because that’s where most of the jobs are this year).

It’s in HomeState. (Where GB, just the other day, said he thinks we will probably end up, eventually.)

At the risk of sounding cocky, I feel like I might be a pretty appealing candidate to them.

It is, of course, 600 miles from EastCoastCIty, where we’re moving next month. Which means we’d move to ECC, then turn around and move 600 more miles in less than a year.

(Though we’d have to make the cross-country move anyway, I suppose.)

This is all completely insane.

(Yes, of course I’m applying for it, and for all the others, too…and we’ll see what happens. Will I get any interviews at the conference in November? Will I fail horribly at those interviews (as I usually do…I *SO* do not interview well)? Will I get any job offers? Will we just keep moving every freaking year? Stay tuned…)