this is the picture I should have gone with:

(Though I couldn’t have, since I just took it today.)

Clearly, Waylon is ready for this move.

Today, I’m not so sure I am.

  • Job and postdoc applications due: all around October 1st. (I still have to write several cover letters, two research proposals, and a couple of course proposals.)
  • Waylon gets his 4 month vaccinations on October 6th.
  • We are planning on leaving here around October 11th. (We have to fly from the east coast to the location of Big Damn Conference on Oct. 31st.)

In the meantime, we have to figure out how to sell/store/trash all of our stuff; how to pack, maybe, two boxes to mail with stuff we really, really need; rent an apartment in East Coast City (from afar); rent a van and move all of our crap into GB’s parents’ storage (assuming it even fits); figure out how to come up with enough money for hotels, gas, and food; pack everything up….Oh, it just goes on

Yes. Today I am convinced this is an utterly insane idea. But apparently we’re doing it.

I can’t believe I’m not drinking, these days.