I think we’re actually doing it.

We’re moving back.

(Note: that’s an old picture, but I didn’t want to wake Waylon up to put the hat on him and photograph him again. But here’s a more recent, and completely unrelated to this post, picture of Waylon for your viewing pleasure:)

Anyway. Yeah. I can’t explain. This is just kind of what we do…though usually we’re both drunk when we make these decisions, and this time only one of us was drunk.

Which means I made this decision sober.


But yeah. We gave notice on the apartment today. I know none of it makes sense, but it seems right. And yes, I’m still on the job market…but I may be a little picky about the jobs I look for. But you know what? Neither GB nor I have ever been career-oriented. Honestly, we both tend to look at our careers as that stuff we do until we can get back home to our friends and family. And my whole family wants to move back east, so, you know, there you have it.

Stay tuned for major freakouts as we try to get four cats, two human adults, one human baby, and at least some of our crap (well, mostly Waylon’s crap) into a Toyota for the drive back across the country….

(Oh, and because I’m too lazy to post a new post about this: the six day panic attack? It was my thyroid. Apparently I’ve gone all postpartum hyperthyroid (i was hypo- before), and that’s what was making me feel like crap. My TSH levels were insanely low. So we’re adjusting my meds and hoping that works….But yay, I’m not crazy! At least not in that way…)