So, for some reason the other day I remembered that Google Reader exists, and that I used to use it. So I went over there, and saw the names of some blogs I haven’t read in awhile…well over a year, maybe more like two. And I thought, what the hell, so I imported all those feeds into my Bloglines.


Apparently there are a lot of blogs I forgot I used to read. I’ve been trying to whittle them down, and right now I still have 103,567 posts coming up as “new.”

Uh, yeah. It might be awhile before I catch up.

(I want to tell y’all about the weekend at the in-laws,* and about how the Small Blond Cousins are adorably enamored with Waylon,** and about my fabulous afternoon at the aquarium with one of my favorite blogger friends and her fabulous family, and how my job search is coming (ugh), and how cool it is that our old old friend (my first friend when I moved to SF) the Wry Toaster is in town staying with us for the weekend, and what I think of Season 5 of the Wire (awesome so far)….but I still can’t seem to master the one-handed typing, so it’ll have to wait a bit again.)

*Snippet: GB’s dad, having not talked to me much at all since we’d arrived, decided to start his first conversation with me like this: “So, how’s your post-baby weight loss coming?” Ugh. I did NOT actually hit him over the head with a backgammon board, but I think he could tell I wanted to. Really. Can you imagine thinking that’s an appropriate conversation starter?

**The Small Blond Cousins Just. Loved. Waylon. It was adorable. The six-year-old would not leave his side (and asked me anxiously, as we were leaving, “You don’t leave him alone in the backseat for the long drive, do you?” I reassured him I was back there and he looked relieved.) and shadowed him all weekend. And even the one 10 year old quasi-cousin, who told me on the first night “I’m not much of a baby person,” begged to push Waylon’s stroller, and did it so seriously and with such an air of hefty responsibility that it kind of made me tear up. Here’s a picture of the two older boys walking with Waylon (the youngest cousin is up ahead, clearing the way):