Many thanks to Ursa for checking to see if I’m still alive, and to all of you who’ve checked in on facebook and various other venues. I am, in fact, still alive, and hanging in there…barely, but we’re hanging in.

My sweet boy has decided that the only acceptable place to be if he’s awake, or barely awake, or almost asleep, or waking up, is at the 24-hour buffet. And he’s not okay with anyone else holding him–not even his awesome daddy, who can usually soothe him with no problem. H. is now about All Mama All The Time. It’s exhausting, and it’s hard to blog one handed. I keep worrying that he’s not eating enough, but i think he’s just not eating much at a time–he’s a bigtime snacker/comfort nurser. I’m not entirely sure how to fix this situation, and I’ve been too tired to try very hard, honestly.

And having my mom here is hard. I’m not entirely sure that the benefit of her being here outweighs the stress and lack of privacy (I mentioned it’s a 1 bedroom apartment, right? And mom is in the one room with a door, and GB and I sleep in the living room? It’s our choice, of course, but it’s not very  private, and GB is starting to feel very claustrophobic). She can’t do a whole lot with H, since he mostly just wants me, and she tries to help with other stuff, but overall it’s kind of a tense situation.

And I still have no appetite, and I think that’s related to my new Giant Stomach Pains–though those could be coming from the antibiotics, too. Or the Zoloft, which I’m also trying to get used to.

And we still can’t manage to get out of the house, ever, since all I still want to do is sleep.

So yeah. It’s kind of a hard time here right now. I keep saying–and promising GB–that things will get better, and I do hope that’s true. Sooner would be better.

But my boy keeps getting cuter. Here’s my sweet li’l sleeper: