i hope, we’ll see.

i went to the doctor today because i had a fever and chills last night. i saw the nurse practitioner, who i always like. she wasn’t sure where the fever is coming from, but she prescribed me a broad, breastfeeding-friendly (as much as possible, i guess) antibiotic.

Then she came out to the waiting room to meet H., who was with my mom. My mom–in a move that both annoys and pleases me–asked me, “Did you ask her about the antidepressants?” Which of course I hadn’t, but then I kind of had to. I said i was going to ask at my next appointment (in 2 weeks), but the NP said, Why don’t you just start one now, and then check in with the doctor on it at your next appointment?

So I sit here now with a shiny new bottle of Zoloft in front of me–apparently the “best choice” (according to everything I read) for BFing moms who need Serious Medicinal Help. And that would be me. I haven’t taken it before, but it’s supposed to work for anxiety, panic, and OCD (like my beloved Lexapro), but with fewer effects on the baby.

So here’s hoping.

I do generally hate the process of going on a new SSRI…with the celexa and lexapro i got (severe) hot flashes, nausea, fatigue. I’m hoping this goes better, but I guess toughing it out for a week with crappy side effects beats Crazy Anxiety from Hell That Makes Me Nonfunctional.


(They also rechecked my TSH–i have hypothyroidism from long before i was pregnant, you’ll recall, and i know it can sometimes swing the other way postpartum, so that may be something too.)

All in all, a good appointment, and I’m hoping this all starts working well, and soon.

Gratuitous baby-post-sponge-bath photo ahead: