I forgot to check this earlier, but it looks like Skycat won the Buzzlet pool, as the only person to guess June 3rd.

Honorable mention to Weezy, who was exactly 24 hours off, and Gretty, who guessed June 2nd, late evening (we were in the hospital then, waiting things out).

I’m still reading all your blogs, but commenting is hard with only one hand–H. pretty much eats All. The. Time, and I’m napping when he’s not eating. We’ll get into a rhythm at some point (oh, I hope), and I’m hoping to be able to start doing, you know, human things again soon. Right now I am a Giant Milk Machine who sleeps in hour spurts (sometimes even Two! Hours! at a time, but those are far between right now). Tomorrow I might try to duck out for 20 minutes and go get a frappuccino while my mom watches H. We’ll see how that goes.

This whole post, of course, is  just an excuse to post another picture.