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    As a 1930s wife, I am
    Very Poor (Failure)

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  • No blogging lately because I always have my arms full of baby. The learning curve, she is steep with this baby business. Right now he’s sleeping on my chest…thus the quick blogging, with Two! Hands!
  • Friends, I am beat. I have a sleepy eater who wants to nurse All. Freaking. Day. (and night) We’re working on this …but yeah, it’s a problem. I’m sleeping in tiny bits during the day, not at all at night.
  • My mom got here today, to stay with us for a month and help. I am positive she will be an enormous help…though so far today, things have been stressful. Mom is a smidge opinionated on how to do things for H., and I’m trying to learn as I go, and it’s all a bit much.
  • My anxiety and OCD are through the freaking roof. I’m working on that too. But I might need to think about getting back on antidepressants sooner rather than later. I really don’t want H to have a crazy anxious mama.
  • H. has a little jaundice, which I know is normal-ish but is freaking me out. We had to take him in to get his levels checked on Friday and Saturday. I cried way, way more than he did with that first heel stick.
  • As far as sleeping when the baby sleeps–I’m trying. I can do it if GB or GB’s mom (who’s gone now) or my mom is watching him, but at night when everyone is asleep, I absolutely cannot sleep. I just sent my mom out for a movement monitor that will hopefully help with my crazy-obsessive worrying. Because between my insane worrying and neuroses and “normal” new-mom worries, I’m starting to worry that I might never sleep again.
  • Remember the neighbor who asked if I was dilated yet? I walked past her to get the mail and she said, “So, no baby yet?” Um. I realize my body is not quite bouncing back, but dude? I don’t really look 10 months pregnant anymore. But, you know, thanks for that.
  • GB is 10 times the dad I expected him to be. Really, it’s amazing to watch him. He’s never spent any time with babies in his whole life, ever, but that boy has some instincts….or he just really, really likes our baby. (And really, who wouldn’t?) He’s an incredible dad. I am so proud, and H and I are so lucky.
  • I am not quite feeling like such a great mama, overall, but…well, I’m trying. We’ll keep working at it. I’m thinking that a little more sleep will make me feel like a better mom.
  • My mom is bringing me McDonald’s. I am so happy about that, I can’t even tell you.
  • GB went into work today. He’s going to be working fewer days and less hours, but it sucks to not have him here, and he’s not happy about the working. Being a contract employee kind of sucks.
  • Want to see my gorgeous big six-day-old boy? Oh, I know you do.