First–thank you so much to everyone for the amazing good wishes about H. We are completely overwhelmed by the number of blog comments, emails, and phone calls from well-wishers, loved ones, and fans. Needless to say, we feel very loved, and we’re so happy to welcome H. into a community of such amazing people. GB suggested that we print out all the blog comments and emails (and there are a *lot* of them) and keep them with H.’s baby book. I think that’s a fabulous idea, and I’m going to get on that. Right after my next nap.

Next, H needs a better pseudonym. We’re feeling uninspired and a little tired just now, though. Awhile back we were calling him the little Buzz-Bob on here, and I still like that. I guess he could be (well, technically, he *is*) H. Buzz-Bob. So. I don’t know. HBB? Maybe. I’ll keep working on it. Suggestions welcome.

We’ve gotten some sleep. Having GB’s mom here has helped a lot so far. I don’t think HBB has been put down (anywhere) at all yet–he’s been in someone’s arms pretty much since we got home. Oh, well, he did lie down in his Snuggle Nest for a tiny bit last night, but I was being super-anxious new mama and freaking out about him not breathing (which of course he was, and of course he was also half an inch from me), so he wasn’t in there long.

(Yes, we have a lot of learning to do. “We” mostly being “me” here.)

Anyway. So he’s been sleeping a lot, and eating really well, and generally being a happy, calm, easily-comforted baby. GB has super-mad baby-calming skillz (he’s taken the Happiest Baby stuff to heart and is kicking ass at it–it’s amazing to see HBB calm right down), so that’s awesome. I don’t have super-mad skillz, but I have boobs, so we’re working with our strengths. Last night was kind of rough, and I’m hoping to do a little better tonight…we’ll see. I know we’ll figure it all out eventually. It’s a little daunting right now, of course, but I’m trying to be positive.

(Which is less easy than you’d think, with feet the size of watermelons. I really wish I was kidding. I am absolutely not. My legs are like magnificent, giant redwoods. I am very, very eagerly  awaiting this swelling going down. Was not told of, or expecting, that particular postpartum complaint. )

Damn, I’m scattered.

I hope to get back to blogworld soon. I miss y’all. Thanks again for all the love.

Here’s another quick picture of my awesome and gorgeous boy. I’ll be back with more substance (maybe) soon.