I hate the comments about my size that come from strangers–yes, I know I’m huge, yes, I’m due any day now. I have body issues. I really, really don’t want to talk about my body with people I barely know (and that includes the really annoying neighbor who said, “Oh, your navel is protruding!” when I went out to get the mail. Um, fucking rude).

But what’s worse that that, even, is the question that my mother, my mother-in-law, and another random neighbor have all hit me with, “So, how much are you dilated?”

Honestly. At what point is it appropriate to ask about the state of someone’s cervix? Here’s a hint: The answer is NEVER. Not even if the person in question is 10 months pregnant and the size of a house and begging the fetus to just vacate, already, and turn into a baby. Yes, I’m miserable. No, discussing the size of my cervix is not going to make me feel any better about this pregnancy.

Why is there a totally different etiquette for dealing with pregnant women? Why is it okay to comment on things you would never, ever say to anyone else? (GB, sympathizing, said, “I find it hard to believe anyone would ever consider asking me about the size of my prostate.”)

Yes, my hormones are at Full Rage Mode. But it’s not just hormones. It’s common fucking courtesy.