Canada asked for an updated belly shot. I’m not thrilled with the state of the belly right now, but I am seriously hoping that today’s picture will be the last of the pregnancy belly shots, so I’m complying. (I am *very* much hoping that I don’t have to post a 40 week shot…or, gods forbid, a 41 week shot. Ugh.)

First, just for kicks, here’s the very first pregnancy belly picture I took, at 6 1/2 weeks. (Remember that this is after about a year of Weight Watchers, having gotten back down to my goal weight.):

And here are my pictures from today, at 39 weeks:

Can you see what happened in that last picture? Everything below my belly button completely flattened out. It’s totally bizarre. I think that’s where H. has been hanging out for the past couple months, and when he dropped (and oh, he’s continuing to drop, ow), he left this big weird vacant flat spot. It’s really not the most attractive thing I’ve seen. Anybody else get a weird flat-spot belly at the end?

So yeah. Here’s hoping these are the last belly pictures, and that the next pictures I post on here will be of H. himself.