• H looked great on the monitor and the ultrasound today, so yesterday’s heartrate deceleration seems to have been a fluke. I did eat a doughnut right before the doctor visit, so his heartrate may have been slightly artificially accelerated….but the doctor says he looks good, and that makes me happy.
  • The staff at the doctor’s office have started making sympathetic noises in my direction. They all know that the preterm labor scare skewed my idea of when H would be showing up, and now they’re all reassuring me that I won’t make it to next week’s appointments. We’ll see.
  • I’m up to twice-weekly appointments now. According to my favorite doctor: “We have to see you twice a week because you’re old.”
  • I am absolutely shocked by the size of my ankles. And my calves. They have reached what can only be described as “gargantuan proportions.” Really, it’s an incredibly disturbing sight.
  • I keep asking GB if I look awful, and his response is “You look 10 months pregnant.” My boy is nothing if not diplomatic.
  • I was up all night (well, from about 4 to about 8am) just basically…worrying. No fun. I feel a nap coming on.