At my doctor’s appointment today I met the last doctor in the practice (there are 5, and they rotate you through them because any of them could end up delivering). Not sure how I’d missed her so far. She was awesome. All the doctors there are pretty awesome, though as I’ve mentioned, I’m not so crazy about the one male doctor. You might recall that he’s the only doctor in the practice who’s found it necessary to tell me I was gaining too much weight. So I have some issues with him. And with my weight, obviously.

So it was really nice today to have this other doctor look at my chart and say, “Your blood pressure is fine,* and your weight looks great.”

That is freaking awesome. I’ve gained more than 50 pounds.** So yay for non-stupid doctors.

H. looks good for the most part. I got to see bits of him on an ultrasound (checking fluid levels, which are fine), and the doctor pointed out that we could see him practicing breathing on the ultrasound. That was cool.

They want me back tomorrow for another non-stress test, though, because he seemed to have one “late deceleration” in heartrate, which could possibly indicate some distress. I’m trying not to freak out about it, and I’m glad to be going back tomorrow. Honestly, with the way my anxiety’s been, I would pretty much live in the doctor’s office until H is born, if they’d let me. So think good thoughts for us for an uneventful appointment tomorrow, please.

Oh, and a nurse told me, “I don’t think your belly can get any bigger.” So there’s the professional opinion on that: I have officially maxed out the belly.

*Which is nice, because we were at L&D over the weekend to get monitored because my BP was a little high. It seems okay now.

**For what it’s worth, I think I’ve mentioned that my two sisters each gained 60 pounds with each of their pregnancies…and they’re both tiny, tiny people.