Because the Giant Annoyances are getting overwhelming…

  • Why can’t I get any good watermelon? I keep buying the cups of cut watermelon at the store (because I am WAY too lazy to chop my own watermelon right now) and it’s just never sweet. Is it just too early? Is there no good watermelon in this part of the country? (I know there are no good tomatoes in this state, which is another source of endless annoyance to me…My Home State, and East Coast State, have spoiled me on tomatoes.) All I’m asking for is one sweet watermelon. I’m not sure why that’s so hard.
  • GB and I watched, and loved, the first four seasons of The Wire. Thanks to everyone who recommended it! We finished season 4 last night, though, and Season 5 isn’t out on DVD yet. And it was on HBO On Demand awhile back, but now it’s not. So. Will I ever get to see season 5? And if so, how? Or will it come out on DVD after H shows up, and then it’ll be, like, years before GB and I get a chance to watch the next season? I want to watch it NOW, dammit! Anyone know anywhere I can find it?
  • Heartburn. I still have it. This kid is as low as he can possibly go without being outside, and I still have toes up in my ribs and heartburn/reflux. What’s up with that? Do I have a future NBA star in there? GB and I are not tall people, but this kid is taking up all the space he can.
  • Water. Where is it going? I’m drinking more than 100 ounces of water a day–I refill the 34oz Bubba Keg at least three times a day, and I try to go for four. Yet my lips are constantly dry and I’m parched. Every single time I’ve been to L&D, they’ve told me I’m dehydrated. Where is all this water I’m drinking going?
  • Oh, wait, I know where it’s going–straight to my fucking calves. My calves are unbelievably, ridiculously swollen. I mentioned the inch-deep indentation when I pressed my foot against my shin, right? It’s completely freakish. What possible use is it to me or the baby to store fluid in my calves?
  • (On the bright side, I thought my calves were just really, really fat, and was actually a little relieved to discover that it’s mostly swelling.)