By my count, I’m 37 weeks today–technically full term. (The doctors are counting it as 37 weeks on Friday…but I’m feeling like it’s close enough, either way.) I realize this means not-much, since H. will still show up whenever he damn well feels like it–and I had a moment of absolute certainty yesterday that we’re going to go to 41 weeks. We’ll see about that. But the best thing about hitting 37 weeks, of course, is that H. would officially not be preterm if he showed up (after Friday, let’s say, for safety’s sake). After 7 weeks of worrying about that, it’s a huge relief.

In honor of the occasion, an out of focus shot of me smuggling a watermelon:

And a rare (and probably ill-advised) belly shot:

And, because I just got them in the mail and they came out great, the wall letters of H.’s name:

(As I’ve mentioned, we don’t have a nursery per se; we only have two rooms to begin with, and H. will be sleeping with us. So the letters are just over the dresser next to our bed. The bunny was a random gift from GB to me a couple months ago, and the penguin is our Freaking Adorable Humidifier.)

Anyway. That’s good. I’m off for my weekly pho (and wondering, as always, if it’ll be my last solo-pho for quite a while…I think I should get the spring rolls, too, huh?)