= good news, in this case.

I’m still hanging on here, and H. is still staying put like he should. Many thanks to everyone who’s called, texted, emailed, chatted, and Facebook-messaged me to make sure things are still going okay. You all rock. I appreciate the check-ins! (Though I hope we don’t have to keep up this level of anxiety and uncertainty for another 4 weeks…But we’ll see how things go.)

Thanks, too, to everyone who’s commented and sent good happy non-anxiety vibes on my anxiety posts lately. I really kind of feel like 8 months off my anxiety meds is starting to catch up with me…Guess it’s good it took this long, really. Anyway, thanks for all the good wishes and reassurances. They’re very much appreciated.

I’ll keep y’all posted, of course…

(Tonight the water filter snapped off the kitchen faucet, which is not an especially big deal, though at the rate I’m going through water I’m hoping there’s enough in the fridge to get me to tomorrow. Anyway. I wanted to put up a blog post titled “My water broke” to tell you about my faucet, but GB says that is just Not Right. Though the idea kind of cracked me up. It’s nice that I can entertain myself, I guess.)