I’m honestly not sure which is more excruciating: waiting for H. to decide when he’s going to show up, or waiting for GB’s Bar exam results.

The stress in my house is like an almost tangible third person.

I’ll take my last Nifedipine at 4am. My sister is predicting that H. will arrive this weekend. I don’t think so–I mean, I really, really hope not–but you never know. I’m definitely feeling crampy and kind of off in general. And my feet are suddenly swelling.* Related? Relevant? I have no idea. Guess we’ll see.

*Yes, of course I had the total pre-eclampsia freakout when I noticed my feet swelling today. But I don’t think my hands or face are swelling much, and my blood pressure on Monday was fine–higher than it’s been, for me, but still low by most people’s standards. I’m not sure if I should go ahead and worry about this or not. I think I’ll see what they’re like in the morning. For the record, I’ve had them (the feet) elevated all day, and they’re still kind of Fred Flinstone-ish.