It’s true: the first-line music meme is so fun that it really does require multiple posts. I keep wanting to do it again, but I’ve already packed my iPod in the hospital bag which is now in the trunk of the car, and I’m too lazy to go get it out. Plus, if I do, I’ll forget to repack it, and then I might be iPod-less at the hospital, and that will Not. Do.

So I thought maybe I’d try it with the *much* abbreviated iTunes library I have on my computer’s hard drive. The iPod’s library currently has 10 times as many songs as my computer’s library does, but I should still have enough to work with, I think. I’ll give it a shot, anyway.

  1. How d’you do, I see you’ve met my faithful handyman
  2. I had a horse and his name was Bill, when he ran he couldn’t stand still (okay, this might be a gimme, but extra points (in my heart) if you can guess which artist(s)’ recording I have on my iPod…)
  3. There’s a reason why I have a picture of Mick Jagger above my bed
  4. You get along with the gypsies, they’re just as weird as you*
  5. Oh the poor old dirt farmer, he’s lost all his corn
  6. One old brown shoe falls in slow motion
  7. These withered hands have dug for a dream
  8. You’re gonna miss my love when it’s gone, cause life is too short and our fights are too long**
  9. He’s only six years old, that old killer died.
  10. Oh no, god damn. (“Black Cab,” Jens Lekman)
  11. I met a boy called Frank Mills on September 12th right here
  12. Sit around, dream away the place I’m from
  13. Cotton candy and a rotten mouth, you know you’re so fucked up (“Wish you were here,” Ryan Adams)
  14. Comes a time when you’re drifting (“Comes a Time,” Neil Young)
  15. Oh the streets of Rome are filled with rubble (what came up is a live cover–original artist gets points too)
  16. I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
  17. Joe Dimaggio’s done it again
  18. It might be great to have a kid that I could kick around
  19. People smile and tell me I’m the lucky one (“Danny’s Song,” Loggins & Messina [or James Taylor, or Ann Murray, or Me First & the Gimme Gimmes)
  20. Below the road a dozen times now, Within the leeway, behind the sandhouse (even if you know this song, you probably didn’t know that’s what he’s saying…)
  21. Baby, we can talk all night, but that ain’t getting us nowhere (“Two out of Three ain’t Bad,” Meatloaf)
  22. See all the rain on the streets, the way the cars shine
  23. As I walk along and stumble, trains rumble in my head
  24. Hey you, you’re a child in my head
  25. I ain’t complaining, but I’d sure like to find me a true fine love

*I think that’s the line–I can’t find the lyrics to confirm

**You don’t know this–it’s a friend’s band. But you should. They’re awesome.