In bullet form, just because I think it’s easier to read. I’m all about the tiny attention span lately.

  • GB’s mom came down to visit for the weekend. We ate a lot, played a ton of board games (mostly Yahtzee and Scrabble, but a little Rummikub too).
  • GB’s mom is having a rough time lately–well, not just lately, but for the past year or so. She’s been the full-time caretaker for her mom (GB’s grandma), who has advanced Parkinson’s and is steadily declining. GB’s grandpa tries to help, but he can’t do a whole lot (he can’t lift grandma or anything like that), and he has his own health problems. GB’s dad helps, too, but the bulk of the physical and emotional work is on GB’s mom. She doesn’t get a lot of breaks, and it’s definitely wearing on her. So it was nice for her to be able to come down here and hang out. We talked about a lot of options to try to relieve some of the burden from her, too, so hopefully things will start to change a bit (for the better for everyone, we hope) in the near future.
  • It was really weird to realize, too, that the next time we see her will probably be when she comes down for H’s birth. Ack! OMG! Dudes, I’m going to have a *baby* soon….Okay, trying to quell the hyperventilating. I’m clearly much better at denial on this. Baby? What baby? Who’s having a baby? Oh, that thing poking out of my side? That’s not a baby foot. That’s, um, burrito. Yeah.
  • H. seems to have dropped even more (I didn’t think he had anywhere lower to go, but I guess he found some room) and turned in some kind of weird position overnight. My belly’s all lopsided now, and there are definitely toes poking into my side. Weird. The whole Alien-esque aspect of this is not subsiding in the least.
  • My little sister (the Awesome Vet) is now my Facebook friend. This makes me happy, since a few years ago we weren’t even speaking to each other, and now I can throw sheep at her. Yeah, well, it makes sense to me, anyway.
  • My dissertation desperation is nearing a peak. I realize that there is now no way I’ll have a draft done by the time the baby’s born. And I know that I’m planning on taking next year to finish it, so I’m technically not “behind” schedule, exactly. But three of my school friends (well, that would be pretty much all the friends I have at school)–who started when I did–are defending in the next month (one is today, actually, and one is next week). This is making me feel inadequate, to say the least. I’m trying to fight this feeling–there’s nothing wrong with finishing next year; that’s still well within my program’s requirements (and within the average time, anyway). I still feel lame, though. And making absolutely no progress at all lately is not helping with that.
  • I’m trying to decide if I should take myself to lunch today or not. I kind of want to hit a salad bar place, and I found one not too far from here. Maybe I’ll see if I can get *anything* even remotely work-like done, and then buy myself a salad to celebrate.