You know how I said I don’t have a lot of school friends? I really don’t. I have one friend in my program who I would consider an actual friend, and maybe two others I like a lot, but don’t talk to very often. And then a handful of people I might be able to small-talk with at department functions or whatever, and many, many more people in my program and department who I barely know.

Anyway. I got an evite the other day for an end-of-semester party at some people’s house. The evite is from (let’s say) “Christine,” “Polly,” and “Kirk.”

I have absolutely no fucking idea who any of these people are. None. Not a clue.

The rest of the guest list seems to be other people in my department and in related departments–some I know, many I don’t.

Living on the opposite coast means I have a great reason to decline, of course, but I’m still kind of mystified as to who the hell these people are, and why they want me at their party (when they clearly have no idea that I don’t live in East Coast City anymore).