Yeah, so, I seem to have developed pregnancy-induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

(I had carpal tunnel problems years ago, working at a particularly horrific temp job, and had all kinds of physical therapy and crap on my wrists…none of which did as much good as quitting the horrible temp job. Apparently, from what I read, this will go away….a few weeks after the baby’s born. Yeah. Lovely.)

My left wrist started hurting a little a couple days ago, and my right one was a smidge achy the next day.

Now my left wrist has progressed to shooting pains if I pick anything up, turn it at all, or look at it meanly.

Gotta love the swelling and the hormones. Oh, no, wait, I don’t actually have to love them. I can keep bitching and bitching.

I do keep reminding myself that, as annoying pregnancy developments go, this is not a particularly terrible one. It could be much worse, and I’m glad it’s not. But still. I’m starting to think that my body does not love being pregnant.