I don’t want to get too cocky, but so far it’s been an uneventful Thursday. Today’s doctor visit was pretty smooth.

I learned that I’m continuing to gain weight pretty steadily, which is good, I guess, though I’m pretty much ready for that to start leveling off *any* time now. It does look like I’m determined to gain exactly the same amount of weight that my sisters gained with each of their (four, between them) pregnancies (which is also, oddly, the same giant amount my mom gained with her first pregnancy). Whatever. I’m trying to not obsess about it (though I probably didn’t need a frappucino *and* a muffin *after* lunch).

Everything else seemed pretty normal. I’m staying on the anti-contraction meds and continuing to “take it easy” for the next two weeks, at which point, apparently, I can just go ahead and do whatever the hell I want (at 36 weeks). So that’s encouraging.

I’m a little worried that I’m turning into “that pregnant lady,” though….the one who’s obsessively worried about every little twinge. Like, my blood pressure is normally really low. Today, it was still really low (by most standards), but was a little higher than it ever is for me. I thought that was weird, since the meds I take 4 times a day are actually blood pressure meds…so why would my bp be higher right now, when I’m on medication that should be lowering it? Apparently, though, no one is concerned about this but me, so I’m guessing that just means that I’ve officially become Annoying Pregnant Patient. Again, whatever. I’m getting through these next few weeks any way I can.

So. Now it’s another week and a half until my next doctor visit–the longest I’ve gone between them in over a month. I’m really hoping for an incredibly uneventful next couple of weeks, too.