So, I just registered for this year’s Big Damn Conference.

I like to register early for it, because I’ve learned my lesson about staying in non-conference hotels (after a long, thoroughly annoying Red Roof Inn weekend), and I wanted to be sure to get a room in one of the two main headquarter hotels this year. So I got all OCD about it and registered today, as soon as registration opened.

Every year that I’ve gone to this conference–maybe six years now?–it’s pretty much the same plan: I share a room with my awesome friend Margie and her husband. This arrangement has worked for me (and I’m hoping, hasn’t been too onerous for Margie and Mr. Squirrel). We all go off to presentations or whatnot during the day, and we all enjoy a few (or a few too many) drinks in the evening. It’s lovely. Plus, it’s the only time I get to see them all year, so I totally look forward to it.

This year, though? This year, all my plans for Big Damn Conference are completely up in the air. Will GB stay home with H.? Will GB and H. want to come with me? Will I want to bring H. and leave GB home (hopefully working at the amazing permanent associate job he’ll undoubtedly have gotten by then)? Will I have (gulp) job interviews this year? (That’s the plan– I should be on the market this fall. But I kind of feel like I should maybe start thinking about that, then? Double gulp.)

I just don’t know. And I’m not sure when I’ll know what exactly I want to do with all this, because, you know, I’ve never really done any of this stuff before. So I have no frame of reference, and no good way to see into the future.

I find this lack of prescience on my part somewhat frustrating.

So yeah. It’s weird, not knowing what to expect, or how to plan this. I did book a room at one of the HQ hotels, and have informed Margie and Mr. Squirrel about my complete lack of any clue as to what November will bring. So I’m pretty much covered, for now.

But I’m seeing where this parenting thing is, already, not so good for the planning ahead.