Yeah, I need to find some middle ground between getting out of the house and “overexerting” myself, and not leaving the house at all and going fucking nuts.

GB worked all day today–11 hours. (On a Sunday! Dammit!) He’s still at work, actually. I haven’t left the house today, but I haven’t been able to focus on anything for very long, either, so I’m not actually getting anything done. Here’s what I’ve done–uh, tried to do–today:

  • I started trying to go through some fieldnotes that need to make it into this next chapter. There is a LOT of material that needs to get in here somehow, that I haven’t really even sorted through yet. I felt like I was ready to just go ahead and start writing this chapter, but it’s really not looking like it so much right now. So. Sorted through shit, got distracted.
  • Played some Scrabulous, though I can’t really even focus on that (sorry, Skycat!).
  • Tried to nap, unsuccessfully. How frustrating is that?
  • Spent a bit of time on the phone with my mom and my friend Julie McCoy.
  • Put together the bouncer I bought months ago, only to discover that I don’t like it. It’s really freaking big, and it seems like it sits up too far–shouldn’t it recline more than that? Anyway. Then I spent way too long looking at other bouncers online, and then my mom got involved and started sending me links to ones I might like, and things got complicated and confusing, especially if you’re me and the OCD is working in strange ways and you’re all OCD AND distracted. So. I’m thinking of going with this one–I found a couple in good used condition on Craig’s List. But really, was this the best use of my time this afternoon?
  • Put together the swing, which I love–it’s a hand-me-down from my sister. Got to the very end of assembling it, and realized there’s One. Screw. Missing. (The one that connects the swing to the base, of course.) So. Swing is still in pieces, albeit larger pieces than it was in before.
  • Ate Way. Too. Much. Seriously, I’ve been snacking and not eating real meals, but I’ve been eating all day. If I’m not moving much? This is really not going to work. Makes me feel crappy, and am I really determined to gain a *gigantic* amount of weight? I’ve already gained plenty, trust me.
  • Watched A Lot of TV. Lame.
  • Tried to work more. Yeah, not so much.

Yeah. I’ll have to change something up. Guess I could try to work at Starbucks or something. Maybe I’ll try that later this week…