I lied. I found more things to whine about.

  • Sitting here listening to the cats sneeze all day is driving me nuts. My sister (the Awesome Vet) says that unless they start showing signs of upper respiratory infections, the cold should just run its course. But it’s impossible to not worry about the cats when they sit next to me and sneeze All. Damn. Day.
  • I have a ton of thank-you cards to write. You’d think that would be something useful I could do right now. But no–apparently I’m not actually capable of doing *anything* useful right now.
  • I have dozens of articles and tons of fieldwork documents that I need to read through for this next chapter. I keep glancing at them, but I can’t seem to focus on anything. I am just thoroughly pissed at myself for having All This Time and not getting anything done. Grrr. I suck.
  • Nifedipine is a fucking category C drug. What the hell? I mean, I’m sure my doctors think the benefits outweigh the risks here, but it makes me less than happy. I’m on it for at least the next week–maybe the next 3 weeks.
  • The cat is sitting IN the freaking pack n’ play, sneezing. I know that colds are not transferable between species. I know that I (or more likely, GB) will scour and disinfect the hell out of the pack n’ play before H. sets a toe in it. But it’s pissing me off. But then I’m all, oh, she feels like crap, so I don’t want to fuck with her. Okay–she just got out on her own. But this is making me seriously grumpy.
  • Thank god I’m an OCD anxious freak and I’ve memorized the drug info insert for the nifedipine, or I’d be all freaked out by the fact that I am totally having blurred vision today. Apparently, it’s a normal side effect. What. Ever.
  • There’s still about 5 hours until GB gets home. Poor GB. He’s working 12 hour days, commuting 2+ hours a day, and coming home to his needy, lonely, grumpy wife who can’t even take the trash out and three (out of four) sneezy cats. And he never bitches. He’s such a good sport.
  • I wish I’d gotten the doctor to be a little more specific about what “taking it easy” actually means, because I meant to go get pho yesterday and I couldn’t (because I spent the freaking afternoon in the hospital), so now I really want some. And I am so going to get some this weekend…I really can’t see where driving to the restaurant, eating, and coming home could be a bad thing. I hope.
  • I just got all weepy on the phone with my mom. Now mom’s all worried about me.
  • I’m fine. For real. I’m just in a big old funk today. I’m even annoying myself with the whining. GB doesn’t work tomorrow, so that’ll help.