Bear with me. I’m in a very growly mood.

  • The cats (two of them, so far) have a cold. It started a few days ago with the Big Orange Cat’s sneezing fits. He’s progressed to the watery-eyes stage, though he’s eating fine and seems to be in good spirits. But last night another of the cats started sneezing, and she’s into the sneezing fits today. I *hate* when the cats are sick. I need to talk to my sister, the Awesome Vet, and figure out if we actually need to cart all the kitties off the vet, or if this will just run its course…I’m hoping it’ll just go away. But I was up in the middle of the night, worrying about the cats.
  • I’m up in the middle of the night worrying about H. anyway, though, so it’s not like I had to get up especially for the cat-worrying. My H.-worrying is of the much more random variety, in which I’m completely freaked out at 4am about incredibly rare complications that will hopefully, probably, never arise. But whatever. What else are you going to do when you’re up at 4am?
  • Even though I usually spend my days sitting on the bed doing nothing–uh, I mean, trying to work on the dissertation–the idea that I am *supposed* to spend my days sitting here doing nothing is incredibly annoying.
  • There is a ton of dissertation-related work I could be doing, sitting here all day. And I’m trying. I’ve got all the files I’m working with open on the computer, but damn–I am at a place where I’m totally daunted by this chapter, and the next chapter, and the revisions, and I’m Just. Stuck.
  • GB is back to working overtime. This is great, on the one hand–the overtime pay rocks. But I’m grumpy and lonely and freaked out lately, and I’m not happy that he’s gone 14 hours a day. And he’s working 11 hours on Sunday. I should be happy about this. Clearly, I’m not.
  • We have an infant CPR course on Saturday. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be especially exerting, and I’m planning on going. We’ve already paid for, like, five baby-related classes in the next three weeks, and I am determined not to miss them. But I’m grumpy that I’m worried about whether or not it’s okay to go. (I’m sure it is okay…I’m just grumpy overall.)
  • Remind me again what I was thinking, moving really freaking far from all our friends?
  • Okay. Whining over for now. I can’t promise there won’t be more later.