Well–more accurately, we have three names. Uh, technically, four.

GB is nothing if not a little pretzel of enigma/mystery/constant surprise.  Still, this afternoon, when I said, “We should figure out a name for the kid, eventually,” I didn’t expect much.

I certainly didn’t expect him to say, “I think he should have a middle name, and it should be [Xxx]. H. [Xxx] Buzz-Bob. Do you like it? Okay, then we’re set.”

So, just like that, we have a name! The last-name issue is settled (Buzz-Bob), and apparently my son *is* going to have a middle name, which makes me happy. (I was fine with the No MIddle Name thing, but I’m happier with this decision.) And I love the middle name GB suggested. It’s a one-syllable name that sounds like an initial, and it happens to also tie in to a particular animal GB and I are quite fond of (and that he’s actually got tattooed on his arm).

So yeah. I love it. It feels right, and it feels complete.

(But, H.? Just because we have the perfect name for you all ready to go doesn’t mean you should show up early, okay? Another 6 weeks is just fine.)