GB woke up this morning all motivated to “start moving stuff around.” He moved all the living room furniture around, bought and installed an air conditioner (90 degrees this weekend!), and…

He set up the Pack n’ Play and the awesome mobile my sister bought for H.

So now there’s a Pack n’ Play right next to my side of the bed. (I did make sure I don’t have to do anything awkward to get around it–it’s up by the top of the bed, so I can still do my nightly (uh, twice-nightly) pee-runs.)

Dudes. It’s kind of freaking me out. There’s all this baby stuff set up in here now. I keep looking at it and wondering what the hell it’s doing here.

Then I’m all, oh, yeah. Right. There’s a baby at the end of all this rib pain, heartburn, acid reflux, and exhaustion.

Fucking weird.

(And then, because there’s this big open wall space over the PnP, I asked GB–jokingly, I thought–if he thought we should go for the wall letters to spell out H.’s name. And he was all, “oh, totally,” and then he PICKED OUT the colors and fonts for the letters. Yes, someone around here is totally nesting, and it’s not me, so I get to keep napping.)