I just got off the phone with Bad Idea.

We didn’t talk long–maybe 10 minutes. I called him because I was driving home, listening to Heartbreaker and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and really, really wanting a drink. And of course, all those things add up to Bad Idea. I left him a message, and he called back pretty quickly, and we got to do a little catching up–the first time we’d talked since before Christmas.

He sounds good. He says he misses me when they’re playing bumper pool. He and Jason and the Squirrel have been drinking and bumper-pooling a lot, and he says it’s not the same without GB and me.

I miss the hell outta Bad Idea. I miss the hell outta all those boys. It makes me wonder about the ways my life has changed, and is about to change even more, and it makes me wistful and nostalgic. I do believe that our decisions here are good ones, and I’m really hoping I continue to feel that way in our H.-filled new world. But it’s all so weird, you know? Like Bad Idea said, “You of all people…it’s very strange.” Yeah. I tend to agree. I’m counting on it all going well, but it’s definitely strange.

So yeah. Sigh. Now I’m wistful, nostalgic, pensive, and thirsty.