The kid’s not even here yet, and today my parenting was called into question by a fast-food employee.

I stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. Yes, I realize that that’s my first problem right there, but I’ve been on a bit of a fast food kick lately. I usually just get a freaking Happy Meal, so it’s not like I’m super-sizing it or anything. I feel fine about that part.

But I also ordered an iced coffee. Now, I was a gigantic caffeine addict before this pregnancy. My doctors are pretty conservative in general, and they suggested I switch to decaf. Whatever. I avoided caffeine almost entirely during my first trimester, and drank about a cup a week during my second. Now, I’d say I have a caffeinated beverage maybe 3-4 times a week. As far as I’m concerned, that’s basically like not having any at all–I’ve done enough research to know that at levels that low, caffeine isn’t really an issue to a 3rd tri fetus.

(And never mind the fact that GB’s mom is consistently horrified that I cut out coffee at all–she keeps reminding me that she drank all the coffee she wanted while she was pregnant and breastfeeding. In turn, I keep reminding her that *might* be the reason he didn’t sleep, ever, as a baby. But whatever. He turned out okay. Though he’s still a crappy sleeper.)

Anyway. So I order the iced coffee, and the cashier looks a little shocked and says, “Do you want a LOT of milk with that? Because you’re pregnant. It’s strong coffee. [Uh, it’s McDonald’s…] Can you really have coffee? Are you sure? Do you want to change your order?” I assured her that I did, in fact, want the coffee, but said sure, go ahead and put a lot of milk in. But was that enough to satisfy her? Oh no. “Are you sure you can drink that? Really?” Yes, really, bitch. Give the pregnant lady her coffee, already. Jesus. Do some people have no self-preservation instinct at ALL?

She finally hands me my coffee, and dudes, it’s white. I mean, it’s got kind of a tannish cast to it, but for the most part? It’s sweet milk with a few drops of coffee.

(I do like the super sweet, super light coffee, so whatever. But as it was, I still only drank half of it.)

Whatever. Not a huge deal. But I am incredibly offended by the idea that my food choices are anyone’s business but my own.

(And yes, I know this will continue, and will likely get worse. I’m going to have to work on getting my snark back.)