A sentence I never thought I’d write:

Unfortunately, I was not sent home in embarrassment.

Instead, I got to spend another three hours availing myself of the hospital’s cable TV.

Pretty much the same drill as last time–GB didn’t even leave work to come with me, since we’d been through this before. I went to the doctor, they did another fetal fibronectin test (why? the other one was supposed to be good for two weeks…) and an exam, and then sent me over to L&D. I think this was partly precipitated by the fact that I seem to have some slight but possibly significant cervical changes. That, and the fact that H.’s head is apparently right-the-hell on top of my cervix.

(Is that too much information? I don’t even know anymore. Whatever. We’re all friends here.)

Anyway. I had a very nice nurse, so that helped. They gave me another shot of terbutaline, confirmed that my FFN test from today was negative again (meaning, again, 99% chance that we have at least 2 weeks before labor starts), and sent me on my way–nifedipine as needed (like I ever need to feel that crappy), another doctor visit on Friday.

I hadn’t eaten since yesterday at around 2pm. Can I just say that Burger King meal I had on the way home was some of the most fabulous cuisine I’ve ever enjoyed?

I had 30 uneventful weeks. Is it too much to ask to have 6 more uneventful weeks before H.’s big appearance?