There are many things about this baby that I’m feeling uncertain about, but I was pretty sure I knew his name.

Apparently, I may have been a little too cocky about that.

H. is still his first name–we’re set on that. As long as he’s still a boy when he comes out (and, GB has suggested, even if he’s a girl…but we’ll talk more about that one), his first name will be H**** (H***).

But over the weekend, GB completely surprised me by admitting that he’s been thinking about the possibility of a middle name. (You may recall: I wanted one, GB didn’t, this particular issue was not a huge one to me. But people–most recently, our OB–have been commenting on how that might be a little weird, particularly considering that GB and I both go by our middle names in everyday life.) So–we’ve got the subject of middle names back on the table.

More importantly, though, there’s been some discussion about the order of H.’s last name. We’re definitely hyphenating–that’s not open to debate. We’d originally planned on Mylastname-Hislastname (so, “Buzz-Bob”), and that’s still looking likely, but now GB is wondering if Bob-Buzz might not be better.

I do suspect that some of this is arising from GB’s somewhat-secret (he thinks) desire to have his last name be the “primary” one for H. And you know, I’m torn about this. I think that what’s ultimately important to me is that H. will have both of our names as his last name (I’m not a fan of the mother’s-name-as-middle-name, though I can see where it’s a good compromise for some people–but it’s as important to me for H. to have my last name as it is to GB that H. has his, and I don’t think either of us has more reason to want that).Β  But I don’t think I really care which side of the hyphen my name is on. I feel like, if we’re both committed to the hyphenation, maybe the order doesn’t matter much.

I worry a bit about it, though. It’s a hugely important issue to me (as it is to GB as well), and I want to make sure we get it “right.”

I guess if all else fails, we just go with his first name on the birth certificate, since that’s the one part we’re sure of…and he can just be H. Like Prince. Yeah, that might work.

(I think this is kind of scattered and random and I’m not really getting to the issues I’m trying to address here….but I’m supposed to be “working” on my Academic Whore project right now, so I’m a smidge distracted. Apologies if this makes no sense at all.)