As seen (first) at Addy N.‘s, a much more wholesome place to visit.

(What’s kind of sad about this is that I do, consciously, try to minimize the cuss words on here, just in case people’s children are reading over their shoulders. And I say “freaking” a lot. And I’m *still* foul-mouthed. My mother would be so proud.)

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(You know, when I was a kid I *never* swore. To the point that I distinctly remember being 12 years old and saying “shit” (or something equally innocuous) and having my two neighbor-friends, shocked, ask, “Wow, is that the first swear word you ever said?” And of course I was all, “Oh, uh, HELL no. I swear all the time.” Riiiiight. Which brings to mind this Onion story–a classic, in my book.)