First, thank you all so much for your good thoughts and comments. Not to get all sappy n’ shit, but I am amazed by the awesomeness of my blogfriends. You all rock.

Second: the update. Things are looking MUCH better today. We saw the doctor today, and H. seems to be hanging in there just fine. It seems that I may have a small infection that caused the bleeding and contractions, so I’m on an antibiotic for that–but really, the words “you have an infection” have never sounded so good. We’re thrilled that that’s all it is, and I’m hoping that was the problem.

(As Canada suggested, water was also part of the problem; apparently I was a bit dehydrated when we got to the hospital yesterday. They loaded me up with water while we were there, and I’ve been trying to keep pushing the liquids….I really did think I’d been drinking a TON of water, but apparently it’s just not enough. GB and I went to Target after the doctor today and got me a 34oz Bubba Keg, so I’m really thinking that drinking out of that should do the trick.)

So. The doctor says I am very likely *not* going to go into labor tonight, and she gave GB the go-ahead to go to the Red Sox-Dodgers Exhibition game with Jason, which is good news. I’ll be here eating Thai food and watching TV (and not feeling guilty about not working) tonight, so Facebook friends–expect lots of Scrabulous from me.