So, GB and I spent today in the Labor & Delivery ward of the hospital.

First things first: I’m fine, and H. is totally fine and still inside. So those are very good things.

I was having a little bleeding when I woke up this morning, which I haven’t had throughout this pregnancy. I called my doctor’s office and they had us come in right away. They checked me out and determined that I didn’t seem to be in labor, but according to the non-stress test I was having irregular contractions, so they sent us over to the hospital (which, fortunately, is next door to my doctor’s office).

At the hospital they hooked me back up to the NST again and determined, over the next six hours, that I was, indeed, having irregular contractions, for no good reason. Most were pretty mild, but they were concerned because I felt a handful of them. They gave me two shots of a drug that was supposed to stop the contractions–no dice. Still going. Gave me a pill, supposedly stronger–still no go (or no stopping, I guess).

After six hours, they decided to send us home with a prescription for the pills and instructions to see my doctor tomorrow morning.

So we’re home, and fine, but it was a long, tiring, scary day. Fortunately GB hadn’t gone into work yet when this all started (because Jason is here visiting–bad timing on that one), so he was able to spend the whole day at the hospital with me, watching Law & Order.

Thank god for TNT. Seriously.

So. It’s now 6pm, I’m eating my first meal of the day, and I’m off to bed in a minute.

If y’all wouldn’t mind keeping fingers crossed, thinking good thoughts, and/or praying, if that’s your thing, we’d appreciate it. I think things are fine, but we really would like H. to stay in for at least another 6 weeks or so. Even 4 weeks would be nice. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.