I think I’ve mentioned before (once or twice) that GB and I have the Best. Friends. Ever.

Seriously. In Homestate, in East Coast City, in San Francisco, and the random rogue people scattered around the country…I can’t believe how much they rock. I can’t believe how incredibly cool and generous and kind and freaking hilarious all of my friends are.

We went to San Francisco this weekend for a baby shower. About 10 of our SF people contributed to buy our plane tickets to fly us up. It was absolutely freaking awesome. They totally decorated for the shower–“It’s a Boy” banners alongside pink bootie decorations on the table, tons of food, homemade cupcakes (I ate four, over the weekend. Four!), easter eggs that held little bottles of booze and vicodin pills (the pregnant lady’s egg just had a Butterfinger chocolate egg, either sadly or fortunately, depending on your perspective), games of trivia about friends, a peep decorating contest (with prizes for the fiercest peep and the biggest “hot tranny mess”) and a few rounds of “I Never.” Maybe I can say it better with pictures…

Julie McCoy picked us up at the airport, and we went directly here, for the subs I dream about:

Then we went to M. & D.’s for the party and more human contact (for me) in 24 hours than I usually get in a month. There were…maybe 15 people at the party? I can’t find bloggable photos of the whole scene so much, but Hank got some absolutely awesome gifts, including this t-shirt (which, if you know the SF people, is even more perfect than it seems):

Prizes for the games were in keeping with the drunk/easter/GB & LB’s baby shower theme:

Sunday afternoon,  we went this gigantic easter party in the park. This is definitely a quintessentially SF experience:

Our friend’s band played (to what–I believe–may have been their biggest crowd ever; dudes, there were thousands (and thousands) of people in that park), and dedicated a song to H.  How cool is that?

Anyway. It was amazing. Our friends seriously rock.

And it cemented our decision to move back. So, after GB gets Bar results back (in May), I think he’ll start the job search in the Bay Area. We can’t move until our lease is up at the end of September, but if we can find him a job there? I think it’s going to happen. Fingers crossed that we can raise H. in the right part of California!