So I figured that three months was enough time with no feedback on the chapters I’ve written, so today I emailed the (Ex)Advisor and the (New)Advisor, asking if they’d had a chance to take a look at the drafts yet.

Within about 30 seconds I had a response back from the (Ex)Advisor, saying that he’s been reading my chapters and has “lengthy” comments on them, which he’ll mail to me over the weekend. (One thing I can say about this guy–it takes him awhile to get to the comments, but when he does, they really are lengthy and always quite helpful.) This was his comment on what he’s read: “You’re on track, but some adjustments need to be made. I’ll write at length about what I’m seeing.”

Of course, I knew that significant “adjustments” would need to be made; at least one of the drafts I sent was, pretty much, a giant heap of crap (though the other two, I thought, were fairly decent). But now I’m already starting to get really, really anxious about his comments. I am such a pro at only hearing the negative comments; in the line above, for instance, I habitually skip over the “you’re on track” part and go straight to the second half of the sentence, which I read as “holy fuck, I can barely understand what the hell you think you’re talking about in most of it.”

I know my responses to this stuff aren’t uncommon. But it does suck, feeling like this giant anvil is hanging over my head right now.

Any tips on how to minimize the waiting-for-comments anxiety? Or how to actually *hear* the positive parts and not just focus on what an ass I am for even trying to write this thing?