These are the things that are baffling me today:

  • How can tiny baby clothes take up so much freaking space? I did *FOUR* giant loads of laundry that was all baby stuff. (On the up-side: baby stuff is all washed. I’m glad–that was feeling kind of oppressive.)
  • Why do I eat all day long, yet I’m totally not hungry by the time GB gets home for dinner at 9pm? (May have just figured that one out: see “eating all day.”)
  • Why have I gotten absolutely no work done since I started playing Scrabulous, yet I still have an amazingly crappy win-loss record? You’d think I’d be doing better at the Scrabulous, with the time I’m devoting to it.
  • How come I’m totally exhausted all day, yet I can’t nap (which is SO weird for me) and I can’t manage to sleep more than an hour or two at a time at night?
  • Why am I so reluctant to write One. Single. Word. on this next chapter? Granted, I don’t really know what the chapter is “about,” exactly, but I do know how it starts–I could at least write that. But for about six days now, I’ve had the document open all day and have written not one word.

More to come, I’m sure…What’s got you wondering today?