…a very stubborn (and pretty cute) baby.

We had a 3D ultrasound done today, and while I had some reservations, Im really glad we did it. We got a bunch of black & white and color (well, orangey) photos, a CD with all the pictures, and a DVD of the whole thing. H. spent most of the time apparently snuggled up to the placenta (the tech said, “This kid’s going to be a cuddler!”), so we spent some of the time trying to get him to turn the right way for pictures, but overall we got some that I’m really happy with. I’ve seen some creepy looking 3D ultrasound pictures, and I don’t think these are especially creepy, but if you’re the type who gets weirded out by fetal in utero photos, be warned that there is some serious cuteness ahead.

Yeah. So, they’re a little weird, and kind of hard to make out, but we think they bode well for cuteness.