Annoying things:

  • My mom and my younger sister (who my mom lives with) are not getting along. I’m mostly out of this loop, but part of the fallout from this is that my mom has become impossible to talk to on the phone. My mom really is the Queen of Denial, and she represses anything upsetting, confusing, or complicated (this goes for past, present, and future things–I know it’s how she’s dealt with some very hard things, but it’s difficult to be around). Anyway. Phone calls with my mom lately consist of her not really listening to what I’m saying while spouting platitudes about how everything is wonderful and fine and lovely in everyone’s lives. Tonight I made her cry on the phone by pushing her to actually try to deal with some of the stuff that’s going on. I called back to apologize, but I feel like a bully now.
  • My dad (who lives on the opposite side of the country) has been planning on moving out here. To my part of this state. He has a half brother here, so it’s not *just* because I’m here, but I think that’s a big part of it–despite the well-publicized fact that GB and I probably won’t be here for more than another year. Anyway. He was planning on driving out here in June and looking for a condo to buy, but apparently–according to my mom and my older sister, who have the Inside Scoop–he’s now planning on coming out in April. He hasn’t let me know this. He’s planning on staying with us. We don’t know when, or for how long. Is he planning on coming out and buying a place? Is he planning on staying until the baby’s born (in which case he would have to go stay with my uncle, but it would still be kind of awkward)? No one knows. Or at least, I don’t know.
  • I’m trying to help GB find a dentist for his broken tooth. I can’t find a dentist who a) is open on Saturdays and b) uses nitrous. (GB’s tooth extractions–he’s had to have a few–are inevitably very complicated and painful, and he’s learned he really prefers the gas for pain relief.) Yes, he’ll figure something out, but I find the lack of dentist cooperation annoying.
  • I’m not getting any work done. At all. The blank pages of this chapter are just sitting here mocking me.
  • I’m losing a lot of Scrabulous on Facebook. I’m enjoying the Scrabulous, but I’m not feeling so smart.
  • Carl’s Jr.’s commercials are not just annoying, they are actually pissing me off. When did awful manners become cool or entertaining? Every single person in their commercials talks with giant wads of food in their mouths. I find it offensive.
  • I can’t stop eating. I am ridiculously hungry. I hate that I’m thinking about whether I’m gaining too much weight. Stupid boy doctor.
  • The Big Orange Cat goes to the vet on Saturday morning. I hate when the kitties have problems, and the Big Orange Cat really, really hates being in the car. I hate the idea of traumatizing him.
  • GB is making a friend at work, which is great. He’s planning on going over to the friend’s house tomorrow night to play video games and drink, so he’s staying over there (because he’s great about not drinking and driving, thankfully). I’m happy that he’s making a friend. But *I* want a friend here. I’ll probably be playing lots of scrabulous (again) tomorrow night.
  • I’m clearly just in a bad mood. For no real reason. That, in itself, is annoying.

Good things:

  • GB’s mom is coming down for the weekend.
  • We rescheduled the 3D ultrasound for this Saturday, so I might have cool (hopefully non-creepy) photos of H. to post on Saturday night.
  • GB got a *giant* raise. It’s still the same contracting job, but it’s been extended through April, and the money is suddenly very, very good. GB is a rockstar.
  • There’s pizza for dinner in my future. Granted, dinner is still three hours away, but it’s still exciting.