The hospital tour last night was a mixed bag. GB had to leave work early to get to it in time, so he ended up hitting the worst of rush hour traffic, didn’t eat dinner, and was very grumpy by the time we got to the hospital. There were about 120 people there for the “tour,” which started off with about an hour and a half of a “virtual tour” (slideshow on the computer), question & answer period, and a raffle (of less-than-impressive gifts, none of which we won anyway). That part? Annoying and far too long. We did learn some interesting things about the hospital–for instance, that they have a level 5 NICU (which we hopefully won’t need, but it’s nice that it’s right there). They also encourage “kangaroo care” for all deliveries, and we’ll get at least an hour of skin-to-skin bonding time with H. after he’s born, before they do most of the newborn procedures.

The tour itself was great–it makes me feel much better to be able to imagine us in the room where H. will be born. I’m not thrilled with the fact that they only have two private postpartum rooms (though all the LDR rooms are private)–it’s a first-come-first-served kind of thing, and I’d really like a private room so GB can stay with us. But we’ll play that by ear–they did say they try not to double up in the semi-private rooms unless they absolutely have to. So I’m just keeping fingers crossed that whenever we go into labor is a slow day for babies around here.

So things are starting to seem a little more real, although I’m still a ways from accepting the idea that we will have an actual *baby* in less than three months.

But then. When we got home I was on one of the pregnancy message boards I frequent (I’m mostly a lurker, which works out fine for me), and there was a message from a woman–due a week after me–who had her baby yesterday. Apparently the baby is doing fine–breathing on his own already, even. At a week younger than H. is now! She posted photos, too, and it was so freaking weird to see this Real (although small) Baby, on the outside, and think, damn, H. is bigger than that right now. I showed the pictures to GB, and he stared at them for a long time too…I think it was a very weird dose of reality for both of us.

Dudes. We’re having a baby. Soon. And I think I’m kind of excited about it.