After a second trimester that seemed to last about 18 months, I am thrilled to announce that I am officially in the third trimester as of today.

Dudes, we’re going to have a *baby* in *three months*.

Weird. Still weird. Not getting any less weird.

And we have our hospital tour tonight. The OCD-Super-Planner in me has been looking forward to this for a while–I really need to be able to visualize things in my head to feel comfortable, so I’m hoping this tour will answer a lot of our questions and give me some idea of how this whole thing is going to work.


Looking at this another way, I have less than three months to write two more chapters, an intro, and a conclusion, if I want to have a very rough, complete draft of the dissertation done before H. shows up. Which I’d still like to do, ideally, but damned if I know what the hell this next chapter is about. And since I *still* have not received a single. word. of feedback. from any of my committee (despite them all having, now, three chapters), I can only assume that either a) it’s so brilliant that they’re stunned into silence, or b) it’s such an enormous crock of shit that they’re pretending not to know me. Either way, I guess I’ll try to do something with chapter 4 today.