I’ve been occupied doing all these small things that need to get done, and I haven’t done much actual work lately.* In the interest of Figuring Things Out, here is a list, interesting only to me, of what I’ve gotten done/what needs to happen soon:

What I’ve Done Today:

  • made the Big Orange Cat a vet appointment for Saturday
  • tried (fruitlessly) to find a dentist GB can see this weekend for his broken tooth (which he’s been dealing with for months, now)
  • sent the draft of chapter 2 off to The (Ex)Advisor
  • napped (at 11am–sad, but I’m fighting off this crappy cold)
  • made an appointment for a 3D ultrasound for next weekend (the 15th)–whooohoo! (I’ve seen these come out really well, or really crappy–fingers crossed for some good, clear face shots of H.!)
  • played Scrabulous
  • freaked out a little because H. is not moving as much the past 2 days as he usually does. I know fetuses go through active and inactive times, and I know this probably just means he’s got a growth spurt going on. But it still worries me, and I keep poking my belly to make him move (he gives a halfhearted move and goes back to whatever he’s doing in there). I worry that he’s not as active as he “should” be. But then I think about how I took that nap at 11am, and I realize, oh yeah, that laziness is probably genetic.

What Needs to Happen Soon:

  • I need to actually FIND a dentist for GB and get him an appointment (yes, he could probably do this himself, but I got grumpy about helping him with it earlier, and now I’m feeling remorseful and I’d like to get him set up)
  • some kind of actual work on chapter 4–oy. I still don’t know where to start this.
  • I need to set up appointments to meet with the two pediatricians we’re considering–really, this could probably happen anytime between now and the end of April.
  • I need to do the training for this other Academic Whore project that’s coming up. That should happen in the next couple of days.
  • Do I want pho for lunch? I think I do. I feel like crap (the cold is getting worse, which I’m hoping means it’ll go away soon, but it sucks for now), and soup would probably help. But then I’d have to go get it. Yeah, I probably should.
  • laundry–not happening today.

I have a gigantic longer-term list of things that need to happen between now and H.’s arrival, but those can wait a bit. I know I’m forgetting things on the to-do list, too…..

It’s not that much stuff to do. I’m not sure why I’m feeling so overwhelmed today. I’m thinking that the cold might be to blame–I’m tired and stuffy and my throat is sore and it’s making me want to do even less than usual.

Okay. Pho, and then Something else will get done.

*Uh, I’m sure the 10 games of Scrabulous I’m playing right now have NOTHING to do with this.